HIFU Treatment

HIFU Treatment

Doublo Gold is a new advancement in HIFU technology that comes from Korea’s top aesthetic provider. This treatment is using the High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) for the purpose of non-invasive face lifting and body contouring within a shorter treatment time.


HIFU utilizes the focused ultrasound energy for targeting the layers of skin below the surface.


The ultrasound energy will cause the tissue to heat up rapidly.


Once the cell reaches a certain temperature, they start to experience cellular damage.


The damage stimulates the cells to produce more collagen, a protein for providing structure to the skin.


Increase collagen results in tighter skin with fewer wrinkles.

5D Contouring HIFU

5D Contouring HIFU is unique to London Aesthetics in that as well as lifting and tightening the skin the procedure also contours the face. It really does provide the ultimate contouring and lifting treatment.

Power Lift

Power Lift again is a multi level treatment available exclusively at London Aesthetics & Rejuvenation Centre. As well as giving instant results it also provides long lasting results. A totally painfree experience providing a real change. This usually involves 2 to 3 sessions performed 1 -2 months apart. This treatment was designed by the team at London Aesthetics and as the latest addition to the non invasive treatment options.

Hollywood Lift with Vibrance® Needle

The Hollywood lift is an ultimate surgery-free anti-aging-facial treatment that is designed to tone and firm facial skin for lifting facial muscles. This process also restores the youthful appearance for lower face by correcting the sagging skin and eliminating the areas of excess fatty deposits along with the jawline. During the procedure, a layer of tissue present under the skin is repositioned and facial muscles are tightened.

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