Medicated Facials

Medicated Facials

The best type of facial treatment is dependent on individual needs and targetted towards improving the appearance of facial skin.


Hydra-facial will treat the discoloration of the skin. It removes blackheads, whiteheads, and dead skin.


Oxygen Hydra-fusion Facial provides anti-bacterial effects as well deep skin exfoliation and hydration


Carbon Laser Facial is a pain-free laser treatment that is used for treating skin imperfections and pores.


Photo Facial is a skin whitening treatment that will help you to improve your skin tone, treat rosacea, and shrink pores.


Stem cell Facial is the ultimate anti ageing and lifting facial.

Which Facial Treatment

Our experts are on hand to help decide which facial treatment is best for you. This is usually decided after assessing your wishes and also the results of the skin analysis scan.

Why London Aesthetics & Rejuvenation Centre?

Looking for the expert and professional skin advice. Our specialists will analyze your skin type and will suggest the right treatment for you to obtain your desired results.

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