Erectile dysfunction (commonly truncated as ED, and occasionally referred to as impotence) can show up unpredictably in times of pressure and threat, or often manifest and root problems in the patient’s sexual practice. Erectile dysfunction is the term given to the incapability to involve in sexual intercourse, precisely due to the penis weakening to have, keep, and uphold an erection firm or long sufficient for sex.

An erection is helped and conserved by blood flow to the penis, the balance and compression of which regulates the relative toughness or erectness of the penis. While experiencing ED, either intermittently or in a progressive and recurrent manner, either the penile arteries or nerves that ease this actively stop the blood flow or are harmed overall. This consequences in trouble getting or keeping an erection and although erectile dysfunction and its symptoms vary from poor sex drive – it can disturb the libido and wish to have sex itself.


Discovering what’s causing erectile dysfunction is an important component as ED has a chemical nature. Nerves from the brain, and genitals both, source chemicals to release blood into the 2 erection compartments of the penis, known as the corpora cavernosa. The subsequent blood pressure is accountable for getting the penis erect by triggering it to expand and stiffen because of the spongy tissues of the chambers trapping the blood inside. Post-orgasm, the erection should descent due to the blood being sent back into circulation through the penile veins when the tissues are contracted.


London Aesthetics and Rejuvenation Centre in collaboration with R3Stem Cell International is treating Erectile Dysfunction with safe and effective protocols performed by expert stem cell physicians. Visit London Aesthetics in Lahore & Faisalabad to learn more.


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