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Stem Cell Therapy 

The medication and treatment industry has been never been the same ever since the discover of stem cells and their properties; having the potential to transform into any cell line and take on the properties of the cells around it, stem cells have proven a quite valuable asset to the medical industry. Used in different therapeutic and medical procedures, they have shown results far more effective than any other treatment method.

We understand you may have been in view of taking stem cell therapy in Pakistan but couldn’t find the best Centre for it? Well London Aesthetics & Rejuvenation Centre has made it possible in collaboration with R3 Stem Cell International! We’ve got the most effective and safest treatment.
Stem cell therapy is an alternative to surgery for patients suffering from many conditions like Hair Transplant, Erectile Dysfunction, Kidney Failure, Chronic Pain of any kind, Stroke, Arthritis and much more.
Stem cells are the body’s natural raw materials — cells from which all other cells with dedicated functions are generated. Under the accurate conditions, stem cells split to form more cells termed as daughter cells. The daughter cells can either develop in to a new stem cell (self-renewal) or convert in to dedicated cells (differentiation) with a more definite function, for example blood cells, brain cells, heart muscle cells or bone cells.

Embryonic Stem Cells

As an embryo develops and grows into a baby, the cells are supplied by embryonic stem cells. These stem cells of the embryo are called pluripotent since they can take on the shape and properties of any cell type.

Adult Stem Cells

The supply of new cells or replacement of damaged ones is aided by adult stem cells in the grownups. They are called multipotent since they can only transform to few specified cell types. For instance, the blood stem cell can only become different types of blood cells or your hair stem cells can only grow into hair cells.

Stem Cell Therapy for Pain Management in Joints

Research is currently investigating the properties and advances of stem cells to better understand human growth and also find ways of replacing or repairing damaged tissues and cells. If we successfully comprehend the phenomenon we can effectively grow cells, tissues and even organs for patients of different diseases.

The researches to this date have allowed us to successfully use stem cells in a few treatment lines starting from hair loss treatment to wound healing, joint pain therapy including the anti-aging procedures as well. Considering the advancement of this technology, it is fairly new in Pakistan. Using this therapy method in Lahore and Faisalabad, London Aesthetics and Rejuvenation Centre currently leads the field of practice with tailored cost effective strategies.

Find out the treatments we offer using the Stem Cell Therapy below:

Pain in the wrist, elbow, shoulder, hip, knee and ankle joints get more and more common as the age passes by. This happens due to the wearing out of the tissues, muscles or tendons and cartilages being used over time, similar to the parts of a machine. Sometimes these pains can be caused by any wound, injury or any medical condition.

One of the causes of can be osteoarthritis, which is the most common type of arthritis. It is caused by the wearing out of the cartilage cushion between joints that prevent excessive friction of bones. Using the stem cell therapy we can treat such pains more effectively than ever before and better than any other medications.

Stem cells have the unique property of taking the form of their surrounding cells; taking advantage of this trait we inject your own stem cells into these joints which will result into these stem cells self-replicating and photocopying the surrounding cells; subsequently ending up mending the damage.

Loss of hair can be quite damaging to the mental health and confidence of many individuals, but hope seems to be apparent on the horizon since different treatment methods are being discovered. One of such promising therapies is the new stem cell hair transplant.

What makes this method different from hair transplant procedure is the fact that for this procedure no weighty grafts or skin is taken from the patients and neither are these micro grafts transplanted, instead these small grafts are used for duplication and re-insertion into the grafted area plus the area of treatment thus leaving behind no trace of extraction or insertion.

This method strengthens the scalp and helps the hair follicles grow better than ever before. The Regenera Activa is a special tool used to carry out the procedure; performed in a single session the patient is donating and receiving at the same time the powerful support of progenitor cells and growth factors. The reformative suspension is supplied as mesotherapy.

The properties of stem cell treatment express a great deal of feasibility in the delay of aging process and extending health and life span. A combination of stem cells and anti-aging genes can prove an effective protection against the aging process.

As the body ages its wears and tears are exposed more and more, for instance the loosening of skin and pain in joints and other such problems. This happens due to the depletion of the supply of newer cells to replace the old, damaged or dead cells. This is merely an effect of the body running out of stem cell supply.

Stem cell rejuvenation is the process where the patient is supplied a large amount of young stem cells through an IV suspension. This is aimed to help replace the old or depleted stem cell supply, literally juicing up the patient with youth!

Stem Cell Therapy

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Our experts offer a variety of hair treatment and solutions from high tech stem cell therapy to FUE and FUT. To find out more read below.


Through Follicular Unit Extraction method, the hair follicles are extracted from different skin sites to be moved to the part where hair growth is absent or weak to enhance hair growth in the region. The extraction signs are left invisible leaving you with your ideal look incomparable to before.


As simple as it sounds, this transplant is carried through the process of harvesting hair from other body parts and implanting them on to the jawline. After recovery you can see clear results of hair growth giving you the perfect beard.


An aesthetic procedure that brings grafts from other body parts to the brow region which will give your brows a fuller look. The result? A permanent solution to an otherwise temporary problem. The procedure is quite similar to other hair transplant methodologies.


In comprehensible terms, this process involves the diagnosis and treatment of different hair and scalp diseases, defects and disorders that might result into your hair loss and hair damage. It searches for causes of hair loss in different regions by a thorough check up of the patient’s scalp.


A slightly invasive strategy that helps cover up bald spots caused by hair loss. In this method a strip of skin is taken from the back or side of your head and individual follicles are extracted for transplant to the balding regions.


An innovative treatment procedure that involves the injection of scalp with a suspension of stem cells, growth factors and progenitor cells that have extremely powerful regenerative properties. This results in regrowth, repair and suppression of hair loss in the patient.

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It’s my first experience with Dr. Ahmed and it’s was awesome and fruitful for my face acne. Now my face looks more fresh and clean. before that I have experienced many doctors regarding this but there is no result. Thank You Dr. Ahmed
Hassaan Akram

I highly recommend Dr. Ahmad and their experienced staff, if you are looking for aesthetic procedures for your skin, body and hair. I was not expecting they would be offering this much advanced treatments at such affordable prices.
Xaynab Javed

Really great experience with you guys you are just amazing. I care about my skin a lot so after your services i was amazed and happy. The best thing about your treatment there’s no side effects.
Will recommend it to all. Thank you!
Muhammad Ahtisham

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