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  • Myths About Vaginal Rejuvenation, Demystified

    Myths About Vaginal Rejuvenation, Demystified

    Vaginal-rejuvenation procedures are improving the lives of many women. Vaginal Rejuvenation The decision to have a cosmetic gynecological procedure done isn’t something a lot of women feel comfortable discussing. “Women don’t talk about it” “There’s a secrecy about intimate parts” Vaginal rejuvenation can mean different things, depending on what women are looking for and what different physicians…

  • Cosmetic Gynecology

    Cosmetic Gynecology

    Aesthetic Gynecology is now a common practice among the women of Pakistan. It deals with the visual appearance, sensation, and other cosmetic issues in relation to the health and functioning of the female genitals. Whether it is due to time, age, gravity, genetics, childbirth, and/or chronic pelvic issues, a woman may see changes to her…

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