Acne Scar Treatment

Acne Scars

Don’t let the acne scars over shadow the charm of your personality

Acne Scars appear after healing of the acne. Initially the skin becomes red and then turns dark. Our latest treatment to remove scars focuses on rebuilding the skin as well as removing the scars and skin discolouration.

Acne scars are caused by the inflamed blemishes due to the puffed-up skin
pores, filled with dead skin cells, excess oil, and bacteria. These pores swell
causing a break in the follicle wall, this leaves behind scars which can be of various types.


Benefits of Acne Scar Treatment


  • Treatment of acne scars improves one’s individual appearance.
  • The treatment enhances the self-esteem of a person.
  • Giving you clear skin and radiant skin. 
Hassaan Akram

It's my first experience with LARC and it's was awesome and fruitful for my face acne. Now my face looks more fresh and clean. before that I have experienced many doctors regarding this but there is no result. Thank You LARC

Xaynab Javed

I highly recommend LARC and their experienced staff, if you are looking for aesthetic procedures for your skin, body and hair. I was not expecting they would be offering this much advanced treatments at such affordable prices.

Muhammad Ahtisham

Really great experience with you guys you are just amazing. I care about my skin a lot so after your services i was amazed and happy. The best thing about your treatment there’s no side effects. Will recommend it to all. Thank you!

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