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Arthritis is an unceremonious ‘catch-all’ term used to refer to any disorder caused by joint pain when joints are irritated. There are over 100 diverse types of arthritis & people of all genders and eternities are vulnerable to the disease. It can also evolve gradually or have anunexpected onset. Diverse forms of the disease vary in the seriousness of the disorder and severity of the signs. In the most complex cases of arthritis, like those that distress the hands and feet, people might find themselves unable to do simple, ordinary tasks counting walking with comfort or sitting up straight. If the ailment is not treated and continues, joints might get twisted and become distorted.


Symptoms for arthritis are categorized by a slow and steady deterioration in health. Most shared symptoms are discomfort and stiffness in the affected joint as well as inflammation and tenderness around the part. Bone spurs can also grow around the joint.

Treatments Available

Arthritis has no cure in terms of medicines but pain relief medications, as well as certain antidepressants, are suggested to manage the pain and release stress. Moreover, physical therapy with a qualified professional may also be suggested to enhance pain release. If these don’t benefit, surgical dealings for joint replacement and bone rearrangement may then be well-thought-out.

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