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Autism Syndrome is a neurological syndrome that disturbs the way a person interrelates with others, hindering their social communication, interaction, and behavioural growth. Symptoms of the syndrome start initially in childhood & progress through a person’s lifetime.

Autism is termed as a ‘spectrum’ syndrome since symptoms differ in type &severity in different people. These typically range from challenging social skills to signs that at times may be jumbled with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), such as monotonous behaviours. Autism Syndrome now contains conditions that were formerly documented as separate conditions developmental disorder.

Autistic individuals incline to have an irregular skillset. While they have a tendency to excel in one area, such as working with figures and such, they tend to have a deficiency in others fields, such as social interaction.


It is important to point out that there is no logical indication linking the application of vaccines to the growth of autism spectrum syndrome.

Signs &Symptoms

Many symptoms are associated to autism & can show up at diverse ages in a person’s life. Symptoms like compact eye contact and lack of an answer to one’s name can be revealed within the first year of the child’s life. However, in some cases, children can grow normally for numerous months or years before showing signs like powerful aggravation, a reserved attitude or a harm to language skills. Most indicators are shown in the first two years of the child’s life.

Some children show superior sensitivity to sounds, tastes, touches, smells or sights, which may seem nothing out of the ordinary to an average person. In a few cases, these children might even be aggrieved by their own sensory stimuli.

Autism spectrum syndrome can utmost easily be categorized by an inability to understand normal social cues or behaviours. They are acknowledged to have either unpretentious or unsuitable facial expressions that are not in harmony with the situation. They can be sluggish in their comeback to someone and can seem incapable to understand or forecast somebody else’s actions.

 Treatment Available

Treatment approaches differ on a case-to-case base although some therapy is nearly always well-thought-out. Moreover, behavioural and announcement therapies are suggested to cater to the social and language difficulties associated with autism. Children are trained appropriate societal behaviours and communications with others.

Although no medicine at present available can recover the symptoms of autism spectrum syndrome, quite a few medications are capable to support in controlling them and keeping them patterned.  Medication can be prescribed to block hyperactivity, depression, & anxiety that can progress as a result of the syndrome, as well as to contract with hypersensitivity to sensory stimuli. In dangerous cases, pain medication is also prescribed. However, you don’t have to suffer now.

London Aesthetics and Rejuvenation Centre in collaboration with R3Stem Cell International is treating Autism with safe and effective protocols performed by expert stem cell physicians. Visit London Aesthetics in Lahore & Faisalabad to learn more.

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