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Back Pain


Back pain or precisely lower back pain, lumbago, in of the situation, is not anailment or disorder but is rather anindication of a vast majority of syndromes and other medical conditions. Acute lumbagos, those that are caused by falls or heavy lifting, have a sudden start and can resolve themselves in a few weeks. Continuing backaches, on the other hand, have a slow onset and can last for 3 months or longer, occasionally for life even after the roots have been cured. Chronic back pains are not as much of common than acute back pains.


Symptoms of back pain can vary in severity depending on the related problem causing it. Common symptoms can embrace aching muscles, stabbing and shooting sensations of pain, pain that increases in intensity when one stands, walks, bends or lifts heavyweight objects or pain that extends down to the legs. Another symptom can be that this pain cuts when one reclines.

Treatments Available

In most cases, back pain can get fixed within a few weeks with rest. However, if the pain continues and disturbs the quality of life, steps should be taken to get it treated. 

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