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Chronic Obstructive pulmonary disease or COPD is a long-lasting disease in which airflow from the lungs is clogged. In a strong, functioning human body, air arrives the lungs through 2 large tubes, the bronchi, ranging from the windpipe. These tubes separate numerous times over into numerous smaller tubes resulting in very tiny pouches of air. The air pouches have enormously thin walls lined with capillaries over which the air a person inhales goes in the bloodstream. Throughout this respiration, carbon dioxide, a waste gas of metabolism is exhaled. The natural pliability of the bronchial tubes and air pouches allows the air to move out of the body. While COPD is a disorder that decreases the elastic capacity of the walls of these vessels, allowing them to over inflate, which leads to some air remaining imprisoned in the lungs through exhalation.


As the disorder develops after long term revelation has caused significant lung damage, signs of the COPD normally start to appear after the age of forty. Stiffness in the chest and squatness of breath is one of the foremost signs of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. Continuing cough and mucus production are also common, chiefly distinctive in those with chronic bronchitis. Wheezing and uneasiness due to mucus accumulation in the lungs upon awakening may also happen. Other symptoms may embrace a lack of energy, vulnerability to other respiratory infections, mysterious weight loss, blueness of lips and fingernail beds and puffiness in the ankles or feet.

Treatments Available

Although no medication for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is present now, mild forms of it can be treated by little else other than smoking termination. More progressive cases of the disease may need more aggressive forms of therapy to regulate the symptoms and reduce the hazard of complications but are still not completely despairing scenarios.

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