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Diabetes is a lifelong disorder that disturbs the way the body produces or uses insulin. In human anatomy, an organ acknowledged as the pancreas, situated right behind the stomach is responsible for producing insulin. This hormone functions to store and disintegrate fat as well as glucose we receive from food. Diabetes begins as a consequence of either the pancreas weakening to produce enough insulin or the body does not interact well to the insulin being provided. In certain cases, the pancreas results in producing no insulin at all.

There are 2 broad types of diabetes, type 1 and type 2. Type 1 diabetes arises because of pancreatic dysfunction hence insulin is not being produced. In this specific case, insulin injections are utilized to regulate blood glucose levels. On the other hand, Type 2, includes the body manufacturing insulin but not in sufficient quantity to control the blood glucose levels.



Type 1 diabetes has the following symptoms: 

  • Being hungry and thirsty more frequently than usual.
  • The need to urinate more repeatedly.
  • Having a dehydrated mouth.
  • Poor eye-sight.
  • Feeling feeble and exhausted more than normal.
  • Having trouble in breathing.
  • Rapid weight loss, although you are eating more than normal.

 Type 2 diabetes has the similar symptoms as those stated above. However, there may be some others as well:

  • The incapability of injuries and wounds to heal quickly.
  • Gaining weight lately.
  • Development of yeast infection.
  • Coldness in the hands & feet.

 Treatments Available:

Diabetes is a disorder that does not have a remedy. Once diagnosed, it is an enduring condition that needs to be managed and observed frequently. If mistreated, it can root heart attacks, strokes, nerve damage, kidney failure, infections, & blindness. In life-threatening cases, extreme nerve damage can cause limb confiscations as well.

It is significant to remember that early diagnosis is a complete must and even though this disorder does not have a cure; it can be managed and regulated.

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