Immune System- Your Natural Guard -

Immune System- Your Natural Guard

Just like the armed forces are the first line of defence for any country, your immune system tends to carry out the same task for an individual. As soon as an external threat looms large to attack you, the immune system gears up to fight against that certain threat.

Citrus Rich Fruits:
Citrus is one of the main food items which can boost your immune system dramatically, and help you fight against a lot of diseases looking to attack you while you let your guard down.

Red Capsicum:
These can infuse amazing taste in the food, and can obviously boost your immune system as well.

Garlic & Ginger:
The combination of garlic and ginger has forever been the life of scrumptious cuisines. Not just adding to the aroma, but also providing every delicacy with a staunch flavour and amazing nutritional benefits. These two blended together are the perfect duo to boost your immune system.

Yogurt has forever been one of the favourite dairy food products used in Easter kitchens, and holds amazing benefits for people with weak immune systems. It is magical when it comes to healthy products and can offer you all the right ingredients; such as calcium, vitamin and much more.


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