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London Aesthetics: Cutting Edge Stretch Marks Treatment

Stretch marks are basically a form of scarring on the skin with an off-color hue. They are often the result of the rapid stretching of the skin associated with the loss/gain of weight or growth (these are just the basic causes.) For me, to have stretch marks on the skin is like having a Zebra sort of skin.

When do Stretch Marks occur?

Stretch marks can occur in any of the following instances:

During Pregnancy

It affects about 8 out of 10 women in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy. Whether or not you will get these steak lines to depend on the type of your skin and how elastic it is. During pregnancy, the body secretes hormones that soften the ligaments in your pelvis so they are more flexible when you give birth.
The problem is that these hormones also soften the fibers in your skin,
making them prone to stretch marks. As the baby grows, your skin stretches and you may consequently get marks on your thighs, breasts, and tummy.
Marks that occur during pregnancy may fade away after childbirth, though they may not disappear completely. Preventive marks can be significantly handy for pregnancy stretch marks.


Studies indicate that stretch marks can be hereditary.
If your parents had them, you are likely to have them as well.
Though these marks can occur in both men and women, they mostly develop in females.


The body grows rapidly during puberty. Young girls may get stretch marks on their breasts, thighs, and hips, while young boys may get marks on their back and shoulders.

Excessive Weight Gain

Stretch marks may develop if you gain a lot of weight quickly.
These types of marks may sometimes remain after you lose weight within a short period of time.
Thus, if you want to lose weight, lose it slowly and gradually to prevent your skin from being put under strain.

Underlying Health Conditions

Stretch marks can be due to rare health conditions, such as Marfan syndrome and Cushing’s syndrome.
Marfan syndrome occurs when a faulty gene weakens your body’s skin and connective tissues,
thereby reducing their ability to stretch.
Marfan syndrome can occur on the lower back, hips, and shoulders.
Cushing’s syndrome, on the other hand, occurs when the body produces a hormone called cortisol in large amounts.
The hormone cortisol is believed to cause stretch marks.


Corticosteroids, such as lotions or creams used to treat skin conditions can cause stretch marks if they are used inappropriately.
Just like the hormone cortisol, corticosteroids reduce the amount of collagen in your skin.
Collagen is a protein that enhances the flexibility of the skin.
The less the amount of collagen on the skin, the higher the chances you have of developing stretch marks.

Methods for Removing Stretch Marks:

Laser Therapy for Stretch Mark Removal

Laser therapy is a non-invasive method of stretch marks treatment using a pulse of laser light. This procedure is safe and removes redness, smoothes stretch marks, and gives your skin a gorgeous appearance in just a few treatments.

Laser therapy is an easy, fast, and effective treatment that takes about 30 minutes to complete. It delivers superior, long-lasting results.


What happens during a laser stretch mark removal procedure?

During a laser therapy session, your medical provider will use a beam of light to extract layers of skin within the affected area.

The laser machine uses high-energy ultraviolet light to disrupt the molecular bonds of the skin tissues. This causes the tissue to disintegrate in a process known as ablation.

After the therapy is complete, the treated area is left to heal, and new layers of the skin form. The stretch marks will disappear in the process and new healthy skin will grow.


How long does the treated area take to heal?

After the laser therapy, the treated area will appear red and tender.

This is because the layers of scarred skin have been removed and the new skin is growing. Some people may have some blistering and symptoms of a typical burn injury, though these will disappear after a short period of time.

It takes just a few days for the treated area to heal, though some people may take a few weeks, especially those who have undergone more extensive laser treatment.


What are some of the benefits of choosing laser therapy for stretch mark removal?

One of the major benefits of laser treatment for stretch marks is that it is highly effective. Chances are that you will be satisfied with the final results.

Laser therapy is also very safe and has little potential to cause an injury. When compared to other surgical procedures, such as tummy tuck, laser therapy is less invasive, has less recovery time, few complications, and is considerably cheaper.

Laser therapy is ideal for any type of skin, including very dark and very light skin. Your medical provider will let you know whether you are an appropriate candidate for the process.

Just like other clinical methods for stretch mark removal, is not completely free from risks. Since laser has the ability to ablate your skin, it can result in tissue damage if it is mishandled. That is why it is recommendable that you choose the best cosmetic dermatologic.


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