Pain Management: Treatment and Care -

Pain Management: Treatment and Care

Being in chronic pain drains you not only physically and mentally but it affects you emotionally too.  Pain never goes away on its own it keeps on draining you more and more. Take a break from this pain now as London Aesthetics has amazing options for Pain Management Treatment in Lahore, Faisalabad to resolve this misery.

Along with numerous advanced therapies we also offer Pain Management therapy. These pains appear mostly in tendons, ligaments and joints including muscles. They can be caused by injuries or old age. Here, at London Aesthetics and Rejuvenation Centre, we treat your pains with two available techniques based on the type of pain and the body part.


Each of our treatments have proven effective and life-changing for our patients; backed by years of scientific research, experience and expertise of our doctors, our results are authentic to put a smile of satisfaction on your face.


PRP Therapy

PRP stands for therapy through Platelet-Rich Plasma. The liquid percentage of the blood is named plasma which contains proteins and water all the while facilitating the travel and circulation of red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets throughout the body. The platelets second named as thrombocytes play a vital role in the clotting of blood, growth, and other healing factors.

The natural healing process of the body is highly influenced by the activation of platelets thus this method utilizes Platelet-Rich Plasma injections manufactured from the patient’s own platelets to heal their body.

Here at London Aesthetics manufacture starts by the extraction of one to few tubes of blood from the patient and running it in the centrifuge to obtain the platelets. They are then directly injected into the injured tissue or region of pain resulting in the release of growth factors and, subsequently, into the release of reparative cells in the tissues.

This treatment has been found to be significantly effective in the healing and relief of pain in the junctions and soft tissues and the use of this method is getting more and more common with each passing day. Their use reduces the need for use of stronger medications and has next to zero side effects since they are purely made from the patient’s own body component.

Learn more about your treatment by visiting our centers at Lahore and Faisalabad which will diagnose and efficiently reduce your pain.

Stem-cell Therapy

Stem cells are defined as cells that can replicate and convert into any cell type. They play an important role in the forming of tissues on the embryonic level as well as in repairing tissues in adults. Further, these cells can take on the properties of any cell types they are surrounded by, for instance, if they are fused among the cells of damaged or worn-out cartilage that is causing pain in the joints, they can effectively regrow the cartilage.

Quite similar to the PRP treatment, stem cell therapy poses no adverse effects to the patients since they are made from the cellular component of your own body. Once the stem cells are in the injured area, they will get to work on healing damaged tissue, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, and bones.

Dealing with chronic pains can prove to be quite challenging since most medications bring temporary and short-lasting relief to the pain. This is where stem cell therapy proves to be a more sustainable and longer-lasting option. At London Aesthetics and Rejuvenation Centre we aim to bring you the relief you yearn for. Extracting stem cells from your own bone marrow you are medicated with it in the parts where they are required the most i.e. areas of pain and damage.

London Aesthetics takes full responsibility for delivering effective results to our clients and giving them a sigh of relief. Our treatments are the squeeze of years of scientific research and constant trials. At our centers in Pakistan, we provide you with the most advanced technologies to date for your pain therapy and leave you as satisfied and happy as ever before.

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