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Vitiligo Treatment

Vitiligo Stop Suffering in the Silence, these White Patches Don’t have to Define You

Vitiligo Treatment

Vitiligo is not contagious. But people are frequently concerned when they see someone with vitiligo on their hands. Vitiligo distresses the way the world interacts with you. It can be frustrating and embarrassing, and for some, it leads to clinical depression and anxiety.


Generally, vitiligo is thought to be an autoimmune condition, which means the immune system misguidedly attacks pigment-producing cells (melanocytes). Vitiligo is a chronic skin syndrome that causes areas of skin to lose colour. It presents as depigmented patches. The condition marks up to 2 percent of the world’s population now.

The selection of treatment depends on your age, how much skin is intricated & where, how quickly the disease is developing, and how it’s disturbing your life. Treatments are accessible to help restore skin colour or even out the skin color, though results may vary and are impulsive.

Vitiligo Treatment

London Aesthetics proudly presents a wide range of vitiligo treatment in Pakistan;

  • Vitiligo on face
  • Vitiligo on lips
  • Vitiligo on neck
  • Vitiligo on eyes
  • Vitiligo on feet
  • Vitiligo on white skin
  • Vitiligo on back
  • Vitiligo on lips treatment
  • Vitiligo on legs
  • Vitiligo-Leucoderma-Phulbehri
  • Leucoderma-Phulbehritreatment in Lahore
  • Leucoderma-Phulbehritreatment in Faisalabad
Hassaan Akram

It's my first experience with LARC and it's was awesome and fruitful for my face acne. Now my face looks more fresh and clean. before that I have experienced many doctors regarding this but there is no result. Thank You LARC

Xaynab Javed

I highly recommend LARC and their experienced staff, if you are looking for aesthetic procedures for your skin, body and hair. I was not expecting they would be offering this much advanced treatments at such affordable prices.

Muhammad Ahtisham

Really great experience with you guys you are just amazing. I care about my skin a lot so after your services i was amazed and happy. The best thing about your treatment there’s no side effects. Will recommend it to all. Thank you!

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