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Anti-aging is the notion of delaying or retarding the aging procedure and outspreading an individual’s lifetime and quality of life past the expected average. It introduces to the procedure and actions commenced to advance this cause. Anti-aging research is a relatively new branch of medical science. It deals with all processes and fundamental causes of aging and purposes to develop solutions to detect, prevent and treat situations that are age-related. The goal is to ensure that humans can live the elongated possible lives while retaining all youthful benefits.

Causes of Aging

Some procedures of aging are intrinsic, which means they are triggered by the body itself. These include procedures that take place within the body that force it to grow like teenagers going over puberty. Other types of aging are produced by an introduction to catalysts outside the body like skin damage caused by the sun. Overall, aging is the shared impact of inherent bodily changes &outside environmental factors.

Aging happens at the cellular level. Cell’s age is built on how many times they reproduce. A single cell is able to reproduce nearly fifty-times before they are unable to duplicate the genetic material precisely. The amount of times a cell must duplicate is proportional to how much injury is done to the cells by unrestricted radicals.

Hormones are a chief cause of aging also, particularly during the ages of childhood and adolescence by accelerating the human growth process. Hormone levels oscillate throughout your lifetime. These hormonal variations can then cause symptoms of aging like dry skin & menopause.

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