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Autoimmune Disease

Autoimmune Disease


An autoimmune disease is a disorder that results from an anomalous response from the immune system of the human body. The immune system is the multifaceted network of numerous cells, tissues, and organs that jointly protect the body from damaging bacteria, viruses or pathogens. External species (antigens) & dead or faulty cells are detected out and detached or deactivated by the immune system, by the body’s defense system, including antibodies.

When the immune system is incapable to tell the variance between foreign and local cells, it can create auto-antibodies that attack healthy cells and disturb the body’s sound functioning. This condition is denoted as an autoimmune disease.


Signs and symptoms are categorized by one of the 3 main features:

  • Damage/Demolition of tissue
  • Organ development alteration
  • Organ function variation

Basic symptoms of most autoimmune diseases are quite similar. Many of those suffering from some autoimmune disease or other may experience regular bouts of fatigue, swelling, and redness over affected areas of the body, muscle pains, numbness in the extremities, rashes, hair loss or fevers.

Symptoms of autoimmune diseases are recognized to burst up or go down from time to time.

Treatment Choices Available

There are no medicines presently available that can treat autoimmune diseases but options exist to control the anomalous response of the overactive immune system and suppress symptoms to decrease pain and inflammation.

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