Cosmetic Care and Procedures: It’s not all about “Looks” -

Cosmetic Care and Procedures: It’s not all about “Looks”

Often times when people talk about cosmetic treatments, the thought of radical changes and looking too “unnatural” castes a dark veil over the importance and positive implications it has over the lives of individuals that choose to care for themselves rather than care about opinions.

Chiefly, we have to know the types of cosmetic medications. They are categorized under two branches:

There are surgical procedures, referring to procedures of plastic surgery, and non-surgical procedures, which involve dermal fillers, Botulinum Toxin (aka Botox), facials, body contouring, hair treatments, and other non-invasive energy-devices-based procedures. London Aesthetics and Rejuvenation Centre holds expertise in face, skin, body, and hair treatments; where each process is based on scientific studies and proven effective by years of experience that our staff offers. Besides customer satisfaction, we also aim towards normalizing getting cosmetic medications and treatments. There are a few reasons as to why getting cosmetic treatments needs to be the new normal:


Reasons To Get Cosmetic Treatments



Changing Lives for the Better

Oftentimes, cosmetic surgeons and specialists come across individuals that have certain conditions which not only interfere with their physical wellbeing but also their mental health. Take a person with acne for instance, even after recovering from acne the scars are left behind that eat into their confidence and make public appearances, and public speaking is quite problematic and anxious for them. Although they might not be judged for their appearance, doesn’t mean they never are; they still feel insecure about their picture.


Freedom of Expression

In a world that is free in all ways, everyone feels the need for a certain freedom that would allow them to express their true selves, be what they want to be, and look the way they want to; free of secondary judgments. As awareness spreads and we are figuring out how little the opinions of others matter about us, we get to live in the skin that we want rather than the one we have, who said settle for less, right?

Let us also review a few common myths surrounding aesthetic procedures.


It gives you Unnatural Looks (Untrue)

With the advancements in the cosmetic frontier, there is no telling if someone has had a treatment done or not. Besides, most of the procedures are aimed at helping people gain more natural looks. For people with vitiligo, a skin condition resulting in improper pigmentation and coloring of the skin, these treatments have helped to maintain a constant and plain tone of skin throughout their complexion. Take into consideration the treatment of people that have hair growth complications or hair fall worries, aesthetic procedures have helped them gain their hair as well as confidence back like never before.


Just another Tool for Amour Propre

Some people like going to the gym to take better care of their bodies, some of us like eating healthy for the same purpose and some like to avoid doing certain things to care for their health. However, when it reaches cosmetic care i.e. caring for one’s face, skin, body, and hair, it is labeled as vanity and extra. It is not objectionable to want to look younger, it is not vain to want hair on one’s head and neither is it wrong to feel the need of modifying one’s body.


Cosmetic Treatments are Feminine

ABSOLUTELY NOT! Since when did we all start assuming that only women care for themselves? Do men not wash their faces or take showers? Taking care of one’s skin or, in general, looks is not something shameful. It rather reflects on the mental health and well being of the individual. Remember how shopping, getting a new haircut, or getting all dolled up helped you feel a little better after that nasty breakup? That’s right. Research shows taking care of one’s self is the first step towards a healthy mind. So men and women both are entitled to cosmetic care. For instance, balding is more common among men as compared to women, thus hair treatments are rather male-oriented, which does not exclude women altogether.


Cosmetic Treatments at LARC

Here are a few aesthetic features that are performed at London Aesthetics and Rejuvenation Centre:


Facial Treatments

There are numerous treatments offered at our center including facelifts that help look younger through non-invasive methods, these include the Hollywood Lift, Simple RF, Lifting Facial Simple RF plus Lifting Facial, and a wide range of HIFU treatments. Our medicated facials help clients achieve their ultimate fresh look and detoxified skin. The long list of treatments.


Skin Treatments

There are a variety of treatments that help our clients with skin conditions i.e. laser therapies, micro-needling, and stem cell therapies. We offer treatments for psoriasis, a serious irritating skin condition, vitiligo, skin pigmentation disorder, skin hyperpigmentation, uneven toning of the skin, acne and acne scars treatment, and skin whitening treatment. We aim towards setting the standard bar as high as possible maintaining quality better than ever before.


Hair Treatments

Hair problems are common among men but our treatments aren’t limited to hair rejuvenation only, we offer laser hair removal treatment along with hair transplant, Regenera stem cell hair treatment, and hair rejuvenation treatment. Each of the procedures is carried out through sessions that are scheduled at your convenience.


Body Treatments

Our body modification treatments consist of body contouring, which helps reduce fat and tighten the skin avoiding sagging skin, treatment for erectile dysfunction, occurring among men resulting in loss of their sexual activity, cosmetic gynecology treatment, helping women strengthen and better their body to their satisfaction, vitals, and vitamins supply to the body through intravenous drips treatment and stretch marks treatment, which appear after pregnancy or drastic loss of weight.



In conclusion, everyone deserves to modify their bodies and live in the skin that they are more comfortable in, and if someone finds their peace in this we cannot argue with the fact of it. Cosmetic modifications play roles more important than they are credited for, changing and improving lives for the better.


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